Pharmacokinetics Of Zinc In Broiler Chickens After Single Intraingluvial Administration With Zinc Aspartate

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The pharmacokinetics of zinc was investigated in broiler chickens after single crop intubation of 50 mg/kg 5% zinc aspartate suspension in 2% carboxymethyl cellulose solution. Blood serum zinc concentrations were assayed on a biochemical analyzer. The pharmacokinetics of zinc was evaluated using two approaches – compartmental method and non-compartmental analysis using pharmacokinetic software (TopFit, v. 2.0). After the intraingluvial application, zinc was rapidly absorbed (t1/2abs. =0.1040.02 h) by the alimentary system of birds attaining Cmax of 63.603.94 mol/ml by hour 0.77 (compartmental method) and Cmax =69.274.35 mol/ml by hour 0.92 h (non-compartmental method). It is characterized with a long biological half-life (t1/2) of 13.821.63 h (compartmental analysis) and 15.961.73 h (non-compartmental analysis) and long mean residence times (MRT) 20.122.35 h and 23.002.50 h, respectively. The distribution in blood and extracellular fluid was good as seen from Vd(area) values 0.770.05 l/kg (compartmental analysis) and 0.650.05 l/kg (non-compartmental analysis).

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