Recycling of Foundry Sand Wastes in Self-Compacting Mortars: Use as Cementitious Materials and Fine Aggregates

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This work aims to study the possibility recycling of foundry sand wastes (FSW) as a cementations additive and fine aggregate in self-compacting mortars (SCM). For this, an experimental study was carried out to evaluate physical and mechanical properties of SCM. Firstly, sand is substituted by the foundry sand waste at dosages (0%, 10%, 30%, and 50%) by weight of the sand. Secondly cement is partially substituted by crushed foundry sand waste at different ratio (0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 50%) by weight of cement. The obtained results show that up to 50%, (FSW) can be used as fine aggregate for mortars without affecting the essential proprieties of mortar. However, beyond 50% of sand substitution, mortars lose their fluidity. The compressive strength of the mortars with 50% of cement substitution decreased compared to the control mortar. Value of the highest compressive strength recorded at 28 days, is of the order of 50 MPa for the mortar with 20% of cement substitution. Also, stress-strain curve show an acceptable mechanical behavior of FSW-based mortar at 50% of sand substitution.

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