Design an Improved Structure for 10-Bit Pipeline Analog to Digital Converter Based on 0.18µm CMOS Technology


This paper proposed a novel structure of a 10-bit, 400MS/s pipelined analog to digital convertor using 0.18 µm TSMC technology. In this paper, two stages are used to converter design and a new method is proposed to increase the speed of the pipeline analog to digital convertor. For this purpose, the amplifier is not used at the first stage and the buffer is used for data transfer to the second stage, in the second stage an amplifier circuit with accurate gain of 8 that is open loop with a new structure was used to speed up, also the design is such that the first 4 bits are extracted simultaneously with sampling. On the other hand, in this structure, since in the first stage the information is not amplified and transferred to the second stage, the accuracy of the comparator circuit should be high, therefore a new structure is proposed to design a comparator circuit that can detect unwanted offsets and eliminate them without delay, and thus can detect the smallest differences in input voltage. The proposed analog to digital convertor was designed with a resolution of 10 bits and a speed of 400MS/s, with the total power consumption 74.3mW using power supply of 1.8v.

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