Lifetime Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes by Measuring the Stiffness

Ana Diana Ancas 1 , M. Profire 1 , I. L. Cirstolovean 2 , M. Hornet 2  und G. Cojocaru 3
  • 1 Technical University “Ghe. Asachi” of Iasi, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Servicies, Department Building Sevicies, 700050, Iasi, Romania
  • 2 University “Transilvania” of Brasov, Faculty of Civil Engineering, 500152, Brasov, Romania
  • 3 , Bucharest, Romania


The lifetime of glass reinforced plastic pipes is 50 years. Extensive use of this type of pipe in its various applications, led to investigate their behavior in land that anthropogenic or natural causes, shows the different values of pH to neutral. The paper presents experimental results conducted on three samples of a PN SN10000 DN150 PN10 pipe buried in three different types of terrain: neutral, acidic, basic. They were subjected to axial load, measuring the force applied deformation force function. On the basis of the calculation formulas determined rigidity of the pipeline, the deformation speed of 50 mm / min. This concludes the type of land affects the rigidity of the pipe so its length of life decreases to that provided by suppliers in order to be taken compensatory measures in this regard such as choosing a higher class of pressure and stiffness pipeline than those arising discounted. This will allow for long-term value (50 years) in the mechanical characteristics sufficient for safe operation.

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