Statics And Kinematics Of Semirigid Steel Frames Under Seismic Action

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Intended contribution emphasizes the statics and kinematics of semi-rigid steel frames seismically acted upon. The dynamic model of analyzed structures consists of multi degree of freedom systems with lumped masses located at floor levels. The dynamic degrees of freedom are the lateral seismically induced floor displacements. A cyclic behavior of semi-rigid beam – column connections associated with the four parameters analytical bending moment M – relative rotation θr is considered. Time history seismic analyses are performed on multi-story steel planar frames equipped with several top and seat and web angle beam – column connections acted upon by recorded seismic actions. The computed numerical results refer to the contrary static and effects of semi-rigidity: the increase in lateral floor displacements accompanied by a decrease in the seismic base shear force. Relevant comments are drawn.

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