Development of Firmware for Automated Management System of Sounders with High Upgrading Rate

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This article describes the approach to the construction of the Automated Management System (AMS) of sounders with high upgrading rate. The objective of this article is the synthesis of the structure of the automated management system of chime upon the principle of combined management with adaptive equalizer. Technical solutions have been created and implemented through the synthesized structure. As a result, we have developed the system structure itself, the mechanism of web-based access to its technological parameters and its self-tuning algorithm. Particular attention is paid to the selection of the best parameters of the control signal, namely, to the period and duty factor of the Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), which was chosen as a means of changing the speed and direction of rotation of the motor driving the linkage. The analysis of experimental studies showed that in order to achieve the loudest sound one needs to vary the period and the duty factor of PWM, with regard to the environment.


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