Breaking tester for examining strength of consolidated starch

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A new method based on the measurement of force required to break by bending a vertical column of consolidated powder was elaborated, and its results were compared with the ones obtained from the Jenike shear test. A new apparatus was built based on a vertical cylindrical chamber divided into two cylinders connected with a horizontal hinge. The apparatus was tested with samples of potato, maize and wheat starches with moisture content of 6, 12 and 17% and with the addition of a lubricant. Results of testing revealed significant differences in measured force required to rotate the upper part of the cylinder away from the lower one. The average force varied from 0.138 N for maize starch to 0.143 N for potato starch, while, for various moisture contents, the measured force varied from 0.135 N for 6% to 0.143 N for 17% mc. The results were compared with the results of a direct shear test.

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