Physicochemical properties of extrudates from white yam and bambara nut blends

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This study was conducted to investigate effects of extrusion conditions on physicochemical properties of blend of yam and bambara nut flours. A blend of white yam grit (750 μm) and Bambara nut flour (500 μm) in a ratio of 4:1, respectively was extrusion cooked at varying screw speeds 50-70 r.p.m., feed moisture 12.5-17.5% (dry basis) and barrel temperatures 130-150°C. The extrusion variables employed included barrel temperature, screw speed, and feed moisture content, while the physicochemical properties of the extrudates investigated were the expansion ratio, bulk density, and trypsin inhibition activity. The results revealed that all the extrusion variables had significant effects (p<0.05) on the product properties considered in this study. The expansion ratio values ranged 1.55-2.06, bulk density values ranged 0.76-0.94 g cm-3, while trypsin inhibition activities were 1.01-8.08 mg 100 g-1 sample.

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