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Inflammation and Cancer

"Inflammation and Cancer" is closed for submissions effective March 9, 2016. All authors are therefore invited to submit manuscripts at http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/med

Inflammation is being more widely recognized as a significant factor in all stages of tumorigenesis, regardless of whether it occurs locally or systemically. The journal of Inflammation and Cancer sets out to provide a platform for the international cancer research community of scientists and physicians, and offers the opportunity to share laboratory and clinical findings of inflammation in cancer development and therapy. Both the fundamental scholarship and new ideas will be shared in real time with a rapid turnaround from the submission to the publication in an open access format.

Why subscribe and read 

Inflammation and Cancer publishes peer-reviewed, high quality, and the most up-to-date clinical and basic studies from international research into all aspects of inflammation in cancer development and therapy. The journal also reviews the most topical and significant insights into the dependence between the inflammatory response and cancer. Inflammation and Cancer sets out to be the single forum for sharing scholarship and controversial findings in its field. The intended readers and contributors are academic researchers, physicians, and pharmaceutical scientists.

Why submit

  • High Visibility.  Our open access policy allows maximum visibility across a global readership.
  • Rapid publication. Inflammation and Cancer offers rapid peer-review process and immediate online publication upon final acceptance.
  • Flexibility. The journal allows publication of large data sets and an unrestricted number of color illustrations.
  • Authors of published studies retain copyright to their articles.

Supplementary Materials

"Inflammation and Cancer" is closed for submissions effective March 9, 2016. All authors are therefore invited to submit manuscripts at http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/med


Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal via email to the Journal Editor at inac.editorial@degruyteropen.com.

Authors are suggested to follow Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Manuscript submitted to this journal should:

  • contain original work - not published elsewhere in any medium (in the whole or in part) by the authors or anyone else and not under consideration for publication in any other medium;
  • focus on the aims and scope of the journal;
  • be clearly and correctly written - should contain all essential features of a scientific publication that is easy to understand for the target audience;
  • written in English - attention to detail of the language will avoid severe misunderstandings which might lead to rejection of the paper;
  • be delivered in electronic format.

The journal accepts the following publication formats:

  • Research Articles
  • Communications and Rapid Communications
  • Reviews and Mini-Reviews
  • Commentaries
  • Letters to the Editor and Amendments

Cover Letter

It is important that authors include a cover letter with their manuscript. Please explain why you consider your manuscript as suitable for publication in the journal, why will your paper inspire the other members of your field, and how will it drive research forward.
The letter should contain all important details such as:

  • your full name (submitted by)
  • full title of article and short title
  • full list of authors with affiliations
  • e-mail of the corresponding author
  • contact address, telephone/fax numbers of the corresponding author
  • number of attached files, if there is more than one
  • status: new, reviewed or accepted (with reference ID if reviewed or accepted)

Cover letter should explicitly state that the manuscript (or one with substantially the same content, by any of the authors) has not been previously published in any language anywhere and that it is not under simultaneous consideration or in press by another journal. If related work has been submitted, then we may require a preprint to be made available. Reviewers will be asked to comment on the overlap between the related submissions.

Manuscripts that have been previously rejected, or withdrawn after being returned for modification, may be resubmitted if the major criticisms have been addressed. The cover letter must state that the manuscript is a resubmission, and the former manuscript number should be provided.

Conflict of interest declaration
To ensure fair and objective decision-making, authors must declare any associations that pose a conflict of interest in connection with evaluated manuscripts (see Editorial Policy for details). Authors are encouraged to fill in the ICMJE Conflicts of Interest Form (available here) and send it in the electronic format to the Journal Editor.

Open Access License
Authors have to sign an Open Access License that is available on the journal webpage. We encourage the authors to send the signed license along with the manuscript. Please note, that no article will be published unless the Open Access License is signed.

Formatting Requirements
We accept submission of text, tables and figures as separate files or as a composite file. For your initial submission, we recommend you upload your entire manuscript, including tables and figures, as a single PDF file. If you are invited to submit a revised manuscript, please provide us with individual files: an editable text and publication-quality figures.

  • Text files can be submitted in the following formats: MS Word - standard DOCUMENT (.DOC) or RICH TEXT FORMAT (.RTF); PDF (not applicable for re-submitted or accepted manuscripts, see below)
  • Tables should be submitted as MS Word or PDF (not applicable for re-submitted or accepted manuscripts, see below). Please note that a straight Excel file is not an acceptable format
  • Graphics files can be submitted in any of the following graphic formats: EPS; BMP; JPG; TIFF; GIF or PDF. Please note that Powerpoint files are not accepted

Post acceptance, text files of the revised manuscript and tables are required for use in the production.

Authors should clearly indicate location of tables and figures in the text if these elements are given separately or at the end of the manuscript. If this information is not provided to the editorial office, we will assume that they should be left at the end of the text.

For further instructions, please carefully follow the guidelines described in Instructions for Authors.

Journal Editor
Jennifer D Wu, Medical University of South Carolina, USA

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Shu-Hsia Chen, Mount Sinai Hospital, USA
Jose R. Conejo-Garcia, The Wistar Institue, USA
Neta Erez, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Marianne Frieri, Nassau University Medical Center, USA
Yinling Hu, National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, USA
Zihai Li, Medical University of South Carolina, USA
Bei Liu, Medical University of South Carolina, USA
Sophie Paczesny, Indiana University, USA
Takuji Tanaka, Kanazawa Medical university, Japan

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