Evaluation of spatial pressure distribution during ice-structure interaction using pressure indicating film

Hyunwook Kim 1 , Christopher Ulan-Kvitberg 2  and Claude Daley 1
  • 1 Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University, St. John’s, NL, Canada
  • 2 Canatec Associates International Ltd., Calgary, AB, Canada


Understanding of ‘spatial’ pressure distribution is required to determine design loads on local structures, such as plating and framing. However, obtaining a practical ‘spatial’ pressure distribution is a hard task due to the sensitivity of the data acquisition frequency and resolution. High-resolution Pessure-Idicating Flm (PIF) was applied to obtain pressure distribution and pressure magnitude using stepped crushing method. Different types of PIF were stacked at each test to creating a pressure distribution plot at specific time steps. Two different concepts of plotting ‘spatial’ pressure-area curve was introduced and evaluated. Diverse unit pixel size was chosen to investigate the effect of the resolution in data analysis. Activated area was not significantly affected by unit pixel size; however, total force was highly sensitive

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