Assessing the Market, Financial and Economic Risk Sources by Czech and Slovak SMEs


The market, economic and financial risks are the most important risks, which determine the quality and performance of small and medium sizes enterprises. The main objective of the article is to evaluate the most important sources of market, economic and financial risk between Slovak and Czech SMEs according gender and size of enterprise. The questionnaires of 895 entrepreneurs were collected and prepare on evaluating in the year 2018. The statistical hypotheses were accepted through the mathematical method as is Z-score. The gender of entrepreneur and size of enterprises between Slovak and Czech entrepreneurs is a significant factor of evaluating the sources of economic risk, as is development of the tax and insurance burden; weak availability of the financial resources (loans, foundations); development of the interest rates; growing prices of all types of energy. According to the evaluation of entrepreneurs, the intensity of sources of economic risk in Slovak business environment is higher than in Czech business environment.

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