A Non-Singular Analytical Technique for Reinforced Non-Circular Holes in Orthotropic Laminate


The intricacy in Lekhnitskii’s available single power series solution for stress distribution around hole edge for both circular and noncircular holes represented by a hole shape parameter ε is decoupled by introducing a new technique. Unknown coefficients in the power series in ε are solved by an iterative technique. Full field stress distribution is obtained by following an available method on Fourier solution. The present analytical solution for reinforced square hole in an orthotropic infinite plate is derived by completely eliminating stress singularity that depends on the concept of stress ratio. The region of validity of the present analytical solution on reinforcement area is arrived at based on a comparison with the finite element analysis. The present study will also be useful for deriving analytical solution for orthotropic shell with reinforced noncircular holes.

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