Role of Brownian Motion and Thermophoresis Effects on Hydromagnetic Flow of Nanofluid Over a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet with Slip Effects and Solar Radiation

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Hydromagnetic flow of water based nanofluids over a nonlinearly stretching sheet in the presence of velocity slip, temperature jump, magnetic field, nonlinear thermal radiation, thermophoresis and Brownian motion has been studied. The article focuses on Cu water nanofluid and Ag water nanofluid. The similarity transformation technique is adopted to reduce the governing nonlinear partial differential equations into nonlinear ordinary differential equations and then they are solved numerically utilizing the Nachistem – Swigert shooting method along with the fourth order Runge Kutta integration technique. The influence of physical parameters on the flow, temperature and nanoparticle volume fraction are presented through graphs. Also the values of the skin friction coefficient at the wall and nondimensional rate of heat transfer are given in a tabular form. A comparative study with previous published results is also made.

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