Span-Wise Fluctuating MHD Convective Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid through a Porous Medium in a Hot Vertical Channel with Thermal Radiation

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An unsteady mixed convection flow of a visco-elastic, incompressible and electrically conducting fluid in a hot vertical channel is analyzed. The vertical channel is filled with a porous medium. The temperature of one of the channel plates is considered to be fluctuating span-wise cosinusoidally, i.e., T*(y*,z*,t*)=T1+(T2T1)cos(πz*dω*t*) . A magnetic field of uniform strength is applied perpendicular to the planes of the plates. The magnetic Reynolds number is assumed very small so that the induced magnetic field is neglected. It is also assumed that the conducting fluid is gray, absorbing/emitting radiation and non-scattering. Governing equations are solved exactly for the velocity and the temperature fields. The effects of various flow parameters on the velocity, temperature and the skin friction and the Nusselt number in terms of their amplitudes and phase angles are discussed with the help of figures.


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