Some Conifers from The Early Cretaceous (Late Aptian – Early Albian) of Catefica, Lusitanian Basin, Western Portugal

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Several mesofossil floras discovered in the Early Cretaceous rocks from the Lusitanian Basin of western Portugal comprise numerous well-preserved conifer remains. Here we report the occurrence of four conifer types in the mesofossil flora from the Catefi ca locality, about 4 km south of Torres Vedras in the Estremadura region on the western Portuguese Basin. The specimens were recovered from rocks belonging to the Almargem Formation, interpreted to be of late Aptian - early Albian age. It includes three Cheirolepidiaceae genera Frenelopsis SCHENK, Pseudofrenelopsis NATH. and Watsoniocladus V.SRINIV., and one conifer twig of Pagiophyllum-type. These conifers, which co-occurred in the same depositional bed with a well-diversified early angiosperm assemblage including flowers, seeds, fruits and dispersed stamens with pollen in situ, provide new insights into Early Cretaceous palaeoecology.

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