Language Change Database: A new online resource

Terttu Nevalainen 1 , Turo Vartiainen 1 , Tanja Säily 1 , Joonas Kesäniemi 1 , Agata Dominowska 1  and Emily Öhman 1
  • 1 University of Helsinki


We introduce the Language Change Database (LCD), which provides access to the results of previous corpus-based research dealing with change in the English language. The LCD will be published on an open-access linked data platform that will allow users to enter information about their own publications into the database and to conduct searches based on linguistic and extralinguistic parameters. Both metadata and numerical data from the original publications will be available for download, enabling systematic reviews, meta-analyses, replication studies and statistical modelling of language change. The LCD will be of interest to scholars, teachers and students of English.

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