Practical Rhythm and Time Projection

István Berszán 1
  • 1 Babeș-Bolyai University, Department of Hungarian Studies, Cluj-Napoca


In his article “Practical Rhythm and Time Projection”, István Berszán presents first a poetic experiment of Wordsworth in order to answer the question how to enter the rhythm of a happening. The argumentation is based on the assumption that Plato’s “allegory” of the cave is an experiment rather than a rhetorical construction and invokes contemporary string theory to show that everything that happens has its kinetic space as a special complementary rhythmic dimension. A second example reveals how Alain Badiou projects Saint Paul’s teaching and practice to the kinetic space of militant leftist struggle. The article concludes that instead of understanding allegory as a replacement based on similarity in the same rhetoric space, we have to take into consideration – or learn how to take into consideration – the multiple rhythmic dimensions of compared happenings.

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