Diverse responses of old, modern and landraces of Syrian wheat genotypes to common root rot under field conditions

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The yield response of widely grown cultivars and landraces of Syrian wheat challenged with common root rot (CRR: Cochliobolus sativus) was measured by comparing plots with and without artificial inoculation under experimental conditions in two consecutive seasons. The results showed that response to CRR differed depending on the susceptibility levels of the wheat cultivars, and that the disease significantly (P<0.05) reduced grain yield, number of tillers and kernel weight. The diseased plants had fewer tillers which consequently reduced grain yield per plant. Yield losses of Triticum durum cultivars were higher than those of Triticum aestivum. In addition, the T. durum landrace Horani exhibited the best level of resistance to the disease, which indicates that this landrace might be a candidate donor for resistance in future breeding programmes. As CRR can dramatically reduce wheat grain yields under favorable conditions, management practices that reduce disease severity are highly recommended.

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