A new locality and host record for Enterogyrus coronatus (Pariselle Lambert & Euzet (1991) in South Africa and a review of the morphology and distribution of Enterogyrus (Ancyrocephalidae) species

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Examination of 40 specimens of Pseudocrenilabrus philander philander (Weber, 1897) collected from Padda Dam (26°10′S; 17°59′E), South Africa revealed the presence of a stomach monogenean of the genus Enterogyrus (Paperna, 1963). The monogenean presented a prevalence of 52.5 % and mean intensity of 4.2. The body, surrounded by a thick cuticle which is striated transversally, is dorso-ventrally flattened. The haptor has two pairs of gripi, a lightly sclerotised ventral transverse bar and marginal uncinuli. The dorsal gripus has a bifurcate root and a curved blade which is shorter than the shaft and is larger than that of the ventral gripus. The genetic distance between E. coronatus and the present Enterogyrus species (0.24 %) confirms the morphological similarities. This study presents a new locality and host record of the genus Enterogyrus from South Africa and a review of the morphology and distribution of Enterogyrus species is also given.

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