Galanthus elwesii Hook (Amaryllidaceae) in the flora of Kosovo

Zeqir Hashani 1 , Qenan Maxhuni 2 , Rrahman Ferizi 3 , Almir Abdurrahmani 1  and Xhavit Mala 4
  • 1 UBT - Higher Education Institution, , 10000, Prishtine
  • 2 Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, , 10000, Prishtine
  • 3 University of Pristine, Faculty of Medicine, 10000, Prishtine
  • 4 , 20000, Prizren


Flora of the southern part of Kosovo has previously been studied in a limited way due to the difficult terrain and the fact that up to the 1990s it was a military area. In this paper we report Galanthus elwesii Hook for the first time from Kosovo. This species is found in different habitats, mainly in siliceous substrate or wet meadows of the Dragash Municipality, South Kosovo. This species was collected in the Vraça Mountains, near Restelica, (part of National Park ‘Sharri’) on the road leading to the border with Macedonia. The study area consists of territories belonging to the phytogeographic system Skardon-Pindik (Sharri-Pindi) and includes the mountain ranges of Sharri. This research comprises the presence, description, spread and mapping of the species.

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