Flora and Vegetation of the Island of Kalamos (Ionian Sea, Greece) – Floristic Analysis and Phytogeographical Aspects

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The floristic investigation of the Ionian island of Kalamos resulted in the addition of 275 specific and infraspecific taxa, which are reported here, to a present total of 502 taxa. For each newly recorded taxon local distribution and habitat types are presented. Convolvulus pentapetaloides and Malcolmia graeca subsp. hydraea are reported for the first time from the Ionian islands. Some of the new records concern rare taxa in Greece or regional endemics, which are, therefore, chorologically significant, such as Alkanna corcyrensis, Stachys ionica, Heptaptera colladonioides. A brief description of some of the vegetation types of the island is given. The results of floristic analysis and phytogeographical aspects demonstrate the pronounced Mediterranean character of the island’s flora.

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