Strategically Integrated Design – Helping Brands to Keep Their Promises

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Many companies incorporate design into their processes much too late and work sequentially instead of in an integrated manner. If, however, the important conceptual, technical or market-relevant decisions have already been made and the product or service is almost ready for launch, then design “cosmetics” will not help much. Design creates images that stick in your mind, and if these images are thought out at the last minute, there’s a risk that they will not optimally promote the overall brand image.

Integrated design not only gives form to innovations but makes them more user oriented and suitable for marketing efforts. In this case, design is - among other aspects - the actual driving force that adds magical attraction to a brand and its many touchpoints. Design follows the desire to incorporate an emotional value that consumers expect and that helps connect with the brand and offers orientation. Designers must therefore understand the target group and their sensory needs, and translate these into shape, color, material, surface and other aspects.