Provenance of the Permian Malužiná Formation sandstones (Malé Karpaty Mountains, Western Carpathians): evidence of garnet and tourmaline mineral chemistry

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The chemistry of detrital garnets (almandine; spessartine-, grossular-, and pyrope-rich almandine; andradite) and mostly dravitic tourmalines from three sandstone samples of the Permian Malužiná Formation in the northern part of the Malé Karpaty Mts (Western Carpathians, SW Slovakia) reveals a great variability of potential source rocks. They comprise (1) low-grade regionally metamorphosed rocks (metacherts, blue schists, metapelites and metapsammites), (2) contact-thermal metamorphic calcareous rocks (skarns or rodingites), (3) garnet-bearing mica schists and gneisses resulting from the regional metamorphism of argillaceous sediments, (4) amphibolites and metabasic sub-ophiolitic rocks, (5) granulites, (6) Li-poor granites and their associated pegmatites and aplites as well as (7) rhyolites. Consequently, the post-Variscan, rift-related sedimentary basin of the Malužiná Formation originated in the vicinity of a low- to high-grade crystalline basement with granitic rocks. Such lithological types of metamorphic and magmatic rocks are characteristic for the Variscan terranes of the Central Western Carpathians (Tatricum and Veporicum Superunits).

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