An account of the bio- and magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Tithonian—Lower Berriasian interval at Le Chouet, Drôme (SE France)

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This paper discusses the results of a study of the Le Chouet section, its lithologies, facies, magnetic properties and fossil record (ammonites, calcareous nannofossils, calpionellids and calcareous dinoflagellates). Data obtained have been applied to give a precise biostratigraphy for this carbonate sequence as well as a paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Its relationship to magnetostratigraphy, based on a modern study of a French site, is important. Investigation of the micro- and macrofossils shows that the site comprises a sedimentary sequence in the Microcanthum to Jacobi ammonite Zones, and the Chitinoidella, Crassicollaria and Calpionella Zones. Several calpionellid and nannofossil bioevents have been recorded on the basis of the distribution of stratigraphically important planktonic organisms. The site allows us to calibrate the levels of various biomarkers and biozonal boundaries, and correlate them with the magnetozones M20n, M19r and M19n.

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