Tectonic evolution of the southeastern part of the Pohorje Mountains (Eastern Alps, Slovenia)

Tectonic evolution of the southeastern part of the Pohorje Mountains (Eastern Alps, Slovenia)

Field relations and deformation structures in the southeastern part of the Pohorje Mountains constrain the tectonic evolution of the Austroalpine high-pressure/ultrahigh pressure (HP/UHP) terrane. The Slovenska Bistrica Ultramafic Complex (SBUC) forms a large (ca. 8 × 1 km size) body of serpentinized harzburgite and dunite including minor garnet peridotite and is associated with partly amphibolitized eclogite bodies. The SBUC occurs in the core of an isoclinal, recumbent, northward closing antiform and is mantled by metasedimentary rocks, mostly gneisses and a few marbles, including isolated eclogite/amphibolite lenses. Before this folding, the SBUC formed the deepest part of the exposed terrane. We interpret the SBUC to be derived from near-MOHO, uppermost mantle which was intruded by gabbros in the subsurface of a Permian rift zone. During Cretaceous intracontinental subduction, the SBUC was most likely part of the footwall plate which experienced HP to UHP metamorphism and was folded during exhumation. In the Miocene, the Pohorje Pluton intruded and, subsequently, the metamorphic rocks together with the pluton were deformed probably due to east-west extension and contemporaneous north-south shortening, thus forming an antiformal metamorphic core complex.

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