Taxonomic revision and new species/subspecies of Middle-Late Miocene (Bessarabian) miliolids of the Family Hauerinidae Schwager from Georgia — Eastern Paratethys

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Taxonomic revision and new species/subspecies of Middle-Late Miocene (Bessarabian) miliolids of the Family Hauerinidae Schwager from Georgia — Eastern Paratethys

Three new miliolid taxa from Bessarabian sediments from Georgia (Eastern Paratethys) are described following the classification of Łuczkowska (1972), which has never been used before by ex-Soviet micropaleontologists. They are: Varidentella luczkowskae; Varidentella reussi (Bogdanowicz) subsp. costulata; and Affinetrina voloshinovae (Bogdanowicz) subsp. eldarica. This classification takes into account the morphology of the aperture and the shape and size of teeth as criteria to distinguish the species. This study contributes important criteria which will help to unify the taxonomical inconsistencies between the Eastern, Central and Western Paratethyan miliolids.

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