The Effects of Clinoptilolite Administration on the Appetite, the Consistency of Faeces and the Histology of the Small Intestine in Growing Pigs

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Clinoptilolite (Cp) is the most common and suitable natural zeolite type for many commercial and industrial applications. Recent studies have also shown a high potential of clinoptilolite in various medical applications. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effect of long-term peroral administration of clinoptilolite on appetites, the consistency of faeces, and the histopathology of the intestines of growing pigs. Fourteen Landrace × Large White crossbred pigs of both genders, a few days after weaning (12.95 kg b. w.), were divided into two equal groups. The control group was fed with a basal feed mixture, and the experimental group with a feed mixture supplemented with 2 % of natural zeolite (the commercial preparation “ZeoFeed”). The appetite, clinical state and consistency of the faeces were assessed every day. The blood samples were collected on days 0, 21, and 42 of the experiment. Histological examinations of the intestines from the control and experimental animals were carried out at the end of the experiments. The supplementation of 2 % Cp did not affect neither the appetite nor the clinical state of the pigs. The faecal consistency score in the experimental animals was 18.82 % lower than that of the control piglets. The histopathological evaluations showed protective evidence of the Cp on the intestinal tract wall in the duodenum and jejunum.

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