The Preliminary Study of Pesticide Mospilan Effect on the GSTP1 Gene Methylation in Bovine Lymphocytes

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The epigenetic mechanisms represent a dynamic, reversible and heritable manner modulating gene expression during the life cycle of an animal organism. They generate the specific epigenetic marks which constitute so-called epigenome. One of the most studied epigenetic mechanisms/marks is DNA methylation which is, similarly as the whole epigenome, susceptible to environmental and nutritional influences. The aberrations of the DNA methylation profile may alter gene expression leading to pathologic consequences. Pesticides along with their pest-reducing effects may also negatively affect non-target organisms. In our preliminary study, we investigated an effect of the pesticide Mospilan on the DNA methylation of the bovine GSTP1 gene which plays an important role in the cell detoxification processes. The specific primers for the GSTP1 Methylation-specific PCR (MSP) analysis were proposed and tested with the DNA from the Mospilan-treated bovine lymphocytes. It seems that the pesticide with the concentration of 100 µ−1 did not induce DNA methylation changes in GSTP1 gene in bovine lymphocytes.

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