Neuroprotective Effect of Grewia carpinifolia Extract against Vanadium Induced Behavioural Impairment

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Vanadium (V), a heavy metal, has been reported to induce central nervous system toxicity leading to various behavioural impairments. It is characterized by the production of reactive oxygen. The present study was designed to test the possibility of Grewia carpinifolia ethanolic extract in preventing behavioural alterations following acute vanadium toxicity in mice. Twenty five Swiss albino mice (25—27 g) were completely randomized into 5 groups (A—E) of 5 animals each. Group A received distilled water and served as a control; group B, received vitamin E (500−1 b. w. every 72 hours), a known antioxidant orally, along with a daily dose of sodium metavanadate intraperitoneally (i. p.) for 7 days; group C and group D received Grewia carpinifolia leaf extract at 100 and 200−1 b.w orally respectively, along with the sodium metavanadate i. p. for 7 days; while group E received sodium metavanadate i. p. only for 7 days. The behavioural and motor functions were analysed by the open field, negative geotaxis, and hanging wire tests; the daily body and brain weights were recorded. Grewia carpinifolia ethanolic extracts significantly reduced the number of grooming, stretched attend posture, and freezing time that were significantly increased in the vanadium only group and also enhanced the vestibular functions. In addition, the latent time spent on the hanging wire in groups simultaneously administered with the extract and V compared favourably (P > 0.05) with the control groups but a decrease in latent time was observed in the V only group. The results suggest that acute V toxicity results in various behavioural deficits and support a possible role of Grewia carpinifolia as a protective agent against acute vanadium-toxicity with a better result at 200−1 b. w.

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