Use of forest inventory data as a new method for cadastral valuation of forestlands in North-West Russia

Aleksey Romanchikov 1 , Vassily Kovyazin 1 ,  and Victor Belyaev 1
  • 1 National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines), 21th Line 2, 199106 Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Cadastral valuation of forestlands is poorly developed in Russia. Current methods of evaluation either depend on the probability of harvesting or do not differentiate forest areas by forest stand properties. In this study authors propose to use forest inventory data as a basis for cadastral evaluation of forestlands. At first, forest inventory data is reviewed and variables making the largest contribution to evaluation are determined using correlation matrix. Second, forest inventory data is brought to common comparison year using regression equations of stand development. After that, graphic presentation of cadastral value dependence on inventory data is visually analysed. Results of analysis allow calculating of relative value of forestland and get to absolute value using average regional cost index. Evaluation results correlate with Faustmann method.

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