Fubini’s Theorem for Non-Negative or Non-Positive Functions

Noboru Endou 1
  • 1 National Institute of Technology, Gifu College, , 2236-2, Gifu, Japan


The goal of this article is to show Fubini’s theorem for non-negative or non-positive measurable functions [], [], [], using the Mizar system [], []. We formalized Fubini’s theorem in our previous article [], but in that case we showed the Fubini’s theorem for measurable sets and it was not enough as the integral does not appear explicitly.

On the other hand, the theorems obtained in this paper are more general and it can be easily extended to a general integrable function. Furthermore, it also can be easy to extend to functional space Lp []. It should be mentioned also that Hölzl and Heller [] have introduced the Lebesgue integration theory in Isabelle/HOL and have proved Fubini’s theorem there.

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