Patient-reported outcomes for immediate identification of dental care needs

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Aim: Dental treatment is necessary in oncology patients since pre-existing oro-dental disease may influence cancer treatment and prognosis. This study investigated the applicability of two indices in reflecting the actual oral health status of 100 non-cancer patients who were admitted for dental complaints/routine controls.

Methods: The radiographic examination results and the decayed, missed, filled teeth score represented the ‘actual oro-dental status’. The simplified oral hygiene index was utilised for oral hygiene determination, and general oral health assessment index was used to establish the self-perceived oral health.

Results: No correlation was observed between actual oro-dental status and the simplified oral hygiene index (p = 0.27), but the relationship between oro-dental status and general oral health assessment index was significant (p = 0.026). Items 9, 5 and 1 (How often were you concerned about problems with your teeth, gums or dentures? How often were you able to eat anything without feeling discomfort? How often did you limit the kinds or amounts of food you eat because of problems with your teeth or dentures?) presented correlation (r = −0.285, r = 0.268, and r = −0.248).

Conclusion: Three items of GOHAI (Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index) may be used to identify the requisite of dental treatment in patients and to aid in immediate dental treatment planning.

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