The Influence of the Solid Waste Landfill Existence on the Environmental and Economic Situation of Petrůvky Village (Czechia)

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The landfill of municipal solid waste is a waste management equipment that can represent the risks to the environment because it serves a waste disposal, and thus there is a risk of potential leakage of undesirable substances into the surrounding (mainly aquaeous) environment. This risk is minimized when a precise construction and subsequent operation and closure of landfills are abided. And thus a negative impact on the surrounding components of the environment is eliminated. The landfill represents a considerable source of funds for the operating community. The acquired funds can then be used for the reconstruction of public municipal buildings, municipal greenery revitalization, maintainance of public utilities, or improvement of public amenities and as a support for voluntary associations. MWS Petrůvky is an example of such a waste disposal facility, which was founded in 1994 and whose operation is a significant income used to support rural development.


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