Obligations Related to the Transportation of pet Animals (Eu Legislation) / Povinnosti Súvisiace S Prepravou Spoločenských Zvierat (Európska Legislatíva)

Barbara Pavlíková 1
  • 1 Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia


A present paper deals with the question very often solved by the pet owner all around the EU Member States. It provides a closer look at the obligations associated with the travelling with the pet animals between the Member States or between the Member State and the third countries. It is focused on non-commercial transportation of pets, as vacation, trip, etc. Contribution by the means of synthesis, analysis and comparison offers an overview of the fundamental EU legislative acts in the fi eld in question. It also addresses the issue of pet passports, the most important identifi cation document, required for pet animals at the EU territory. Defi nitions of the frequently used terminology are listed.

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