Leader – Ex-Post Evaluation of the Delivery Mechanism / Leader – Ex-Post Hodnotenie Implementačného Mechanizmu

Monika Bumbalová 1 , Ivan Takáč 1 , Martin Valach 1 , and Jela Tvrdoňová 1
  • 1 Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia


LEADER approach represents one of the basic pillars of current rural development policy implemented at the European level. Logical foundation of the approach is based on 7 key features, which should be horizontally presented throughout the whole delivery mechanism. That is why the presented paper is oriented on answering the research question: to what extent was delivery mechanism of LEADER (at the level of managing authority and local action groups) during the programming period 2007-2013 supporting the implementation of 7 features of LEADER approach. In order to fulfi l the stated objective there must be individual steps of delivery mechanism defi ned at both levels, consequently all the features of LEADER approach were described and the criteria of success - benchmarks were determined. Mutual linking of these steps resulted in creation of an implementation matrix what represents a visual outcome of the study.

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