Overview and Characteristics of Tourism Seasonality in Ohrid

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Tourism research has always been an imperative for the scientists and policy creators, so they can maximise its socioeconomic effects. In that order, all the factors that influence the tourism industry must be taken into consideration. One of the biggest characteristics of tourism and challenges for researchers is its seasonality. It is a temporary imbalance of tourism activities caused by many factors and can have many social, economic and environmental consequences. Seasonal component of tourism becomes more important with its development. This paper analyses tourism seasonality in Ohrid as the most popular tourist destination in Macedonia. Findings and conclusions are based on several research methods like: Descriptive statistics, Seasonality coefficient, Gini coefficient and Seasonal Indicator. Research results determine Ohrid as a tourist destination with a strong seasonality caused by natural factors. Paper outcomes can be useful for tourism policy creators and tourism practitioners for further planning and carrying of all tourism activities. Also, findings and presented methodologies can be used in further similar researches or in further analyses of overall tourism seasonality in the country.

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