Can Corporate Social Strategy Create Shared Value Toward Creative Business? “Volvo Social Strategy Model”

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Purpose: This paper aims to provide corporate social strategies as an entrance to create shared value, in addition to that we aims to provide a theoretical and practical contributions that ground understanding the concept of creating shared value.

Design/methodology/approach: The authors analyze a single case study of Volvo corporation. The objective is to evaluate whether the corporate social strategies can yields to a shared value creation.

Findings: We found that corporate social strategies followed by Volvo Corporation yields to a shared value creation.

Research limitations/implications: This single case study provides an entrance to create shared value; however, more research is needed to find other entrances.

Practical implications: The paper has practical implications that relate to the design of shared value model. We provide practical well known strategies that could be apply by corporations to reach shared value creation.

Originality/value: A unique view of corporate social strategy and creating shared value concept.

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