Hierarchical Fast Selection of Intraframe Prediction Mode in HEVC

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In the new HEVC standard, there are 35 intraframe prediction modes. Therefore, real-time implementations need fast mode pre-selection to reduce the computational load of cost comparison for individual modes. In this paper, a simple technique is proposed to reduce the complexity of the Unified Intra Prediction by decreasing the mode candidate number evaluated in the Rough Mode Decision step. We call this approach hierarchical as we decrease stepwise the angles between the directions of the prediction modes that are tested. Obviously, the fast mode selection results in significant complexity reduction obtained at the cost of choosing a sub-optimum mode related to slightly reduced compression performance. In the paper, it is proposed how to calculate the trade-off between encoder complexity and compression performance, using the ratio of relative coding time reduction and average bitrate increase estimated for constant decoded video quality. Extensive experiments prove that this ratio is much higher for the proposed technique than for many other techniques from the references.

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