Use of The Eggshells in Removing Heavy Metals from Waste Water - The Process Kinetics and Efficiency

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Studies of the efficiency of Ni, Cu and Cd cations removal from water solutions were carried out, with the use of clay limestone, hen eggshells from eggs for consumption and hen eggshells after hatching, which main element is calcium carbonate. Hen eggshells are a waste product, which can be used as a substitute of clay limestone in removing heavy metals from wet flue gas desulphurisation installation. Mixed solutions of Ni, Cu and Cd were used in the research, with the composition similar to the waste water from wet flue gas desulphurisation installation: Ni (0.009-0.053 mmol/dm3), Cu (0.008-0.057 mmol/dm3) and Cd (0.003-0.008 mmol/dm3). The metals were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry (F-AAS). Kinetics of the process was analysed and equilibrium parameters were estimated, taking into consideration changes of the solutions pH during the process duration. It was demonstrated that the dominating mechanism of cations removal is their binding in hydroxides and carbonates. The studies demonstrated comparable characteristics of hen eggshells versus clay limestone, in the context of their application in removal of heavy metal cations from solutions.

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