Soybean Seedlings Enriched with Iron and Magnesium - Impact on Germination, Growth and Antioxidant Properties


Iron (Fe) and magnesium (Mg) deficiency in human diets is a widespread problem observed in various regions of the world. Insufficient Fe uptake results in the development of iron dependent anaemia and depressed physical and intellectual performance. In turn Mg deficiency is associated with alterations in neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. An emerging alternative to traditional supplementation of these elements in the form of pills, liquids or effervescent tablets, is introduction of fortified food products. In present study we show that preincubation of soybean seeds in Fe and Mg solutions leads to elevated content of these elements in the seedlings. Importantly the pretreatment did not affect germination rate, seedlings growth or, with an exception of Fe supplementation at highest concentration, antioxidant capacity. The obtained results indicate that preincubation of seeds in Fe and Mg solutions may be a promising method of obtaining enriched soybean sprouts.

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