Surfactants in Klodnica River (Katowice, Poland). Part II. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

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The paper presents methods of determination of analytes of the cation group (alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium (BDDA-C12-C16), alkyl trimethyl ammonium (TMA), hexadecyl piridinium (HP)) in surface water and bottom sediment samples. In the sample preparation phase the solid phase extraction (SPE) or accelerated solvent extraction/ultrasound assisted extraction (ASE/UAE)-SPE technique was used and in the identification phase and quantitative determination of analytes phase - ion chromatography technique (combined with a conductivity detector (CD)). The determined concentrations were in the range below the determined method detection limit (MDL) or method quantification limit (MQL) figures up to 0.142 ±0.023 mg/dm3 or 2014 ±10 μg/kg (liquid and solid samples, respectively). Comparing concentrations of individual analytes found in liquid and solid environmental samples we may notice that surfactants containing a shorter alkyl chain in their molecules were found in higher concentrations in liquid samples (hydrophobicity increasing with the chain length).

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