Wet Oxidation of Dairy Sewage: The Kinetic Study of Decomposition of the Milk Components

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The article presents the results of kinetic studies of the wet oxidation process of dairy sewage. The dairy sewage, obtained straight from the production line, was subjected to oxidation at pH close to the natural value of 7. Experiments were carried out in a stirred batch tank reactor at the oxygen partial pressure equal to 1 MPa and at temperature ranging from 473 to 593 K. The effectiveness of organic compounds decomposition was estimated based on the measurement of TOC. The kinetics of decomposition of milk components, ie lactose, protein and fat, as well as the kinetics of oxidation of intermediate products was the aim of the study. Measurement of the concentration of protein, fat and lactose was done with a milk composition analyzer, calibrated in relation to the dairy sewage. The obtained results were used to develop a mathematical model of wet oxidation of dairy sewage, including the group of analyzed compounds.

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