Calculation of Sulphur and Nitrogen Deposition with the Frame Model and Assessment of the Exceedance of Critical Loads in Poland

Maciej Kryza 1 , Wojciech Mill 2 , Anthony J. Dore 3 , Małgorzata Werner 1 , and Marek Błaś 1
  • 1 Department of Climatology and Atmosphere Protection, Wrocław University, ul. Kosiby 8, 51-621 Wrocław, Poland, phone +48 71 348 54 41
  • 2 Institute of Environmental Protection, KASHUE-KOBIZE, Poland 3 Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh, UK
  • 3 Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh, UK


Sulphur and nitrogen deposition were calculated with the FRAME model and used to assess the exceedances of the critical loads for acidification and eutrophication of natural ecosystems in Poland. For the first time two tools: the FRAME and SONOX models were used jointly to provide information on ecosystems at risk. The FRAME model obtained close agreement with available sulphur and nitrogen wet deposition measurements. The total mass of sulphur deposited in Poland in year 2008 was estimated as 292 Gg S. Total deposition of nitrogen (oxidized + reduced) is 389 Gg N. 11% of the ecosystems in Poland were calculated to be at risk of acidification due to deposition of sulphur and nitrogen. In the case of eutrophication, over 95% of terrestrial ecosystems are at risk due to the large deposition of nitrogen compounds.

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