Photosynthetic light reactions in Oryza sativa L. under Cd stress: Influence of iron, calcium, and zinc supplements

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Some mineral nutrients may help to alleviate cadmium stress in plants. Therefore, influence of Fe, Ca, and Zn supplements on photosynthesis light reactions under Cd stress studied in two Indian rice cultivars namely, MO-16 and MTU-7029 respectively. Exogenous application of both Fe and Ca ions helped to uphold quantum efficiency and linear electron transport during Cd stress. Also, recovery of biomass noticed during Cd treatment with Fe and Ca supplements. It was found that accumulation of carotenoids as well as non photochemical quenching enhances with Fe, Ca, and Zn supplements. Chlorophyll a/b ratio increased with Cd accumulation as a strategy to increase light harvest. Lipid peroxidation level was ascertained the highest during Cd plus Zn treatments. Above results point that both Fe and Ca ions supplements help to alleviate Cd stress on photosynthesis light reactions of rice plants.

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