Genetic testing for aortic valve stenosis


Aortic valve stenosis (AVS) is a congenital aortic defect in which the aortic lumen narrows due to thickening or calcification of the aortic valve without obstructing left ventricular outflow. Depending on the site of obstruction, AVS is classified as valvular, sub-valvular or supra-valvular. The prevalence of AVS is about 3% and increases with age. One in eight persons over the age of 75 years has moderate or severe AVS. AVS has autosomal dominant inheritance. It can be associated with mutations in the following genes: NOTCH1, SMAD6, SMAD4, and ELN. This Utility Gene Test was developed on the basis of the analysis of the literature and existing diagnostic protocols. It is useful for confirming diagnosis, as well as for differential diagnosis, couple risk assessment and access to clinical trials, when available.

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