Anthropomorphism as a methodological problem of animal ethics (in the memory of Sir Patrick Bateson)

Petr Jemelka 1  and Martin Gluchman 2
  • 1 Faculty of Education, Masaryk university Brno, 602 00, Brno
  • 2 Fiji National University, Department of Ethics and Governance


The paper aims to highlight the serious methodological issue of contemporary bioethics (especially topics on the subject of animal ethics). In the discourse on the issue of the pain and suffering of animals and in derived questions, a certain form of anthropomorphism is manifested. Ethical applications of empirical research results that are relevant to humans (or humans as an anatomically and physiologically analogous animal species) are preferred. Subsequently, these extrapolations serve as a criterion for judging the qualitative level of the capabilities of all animals. Serious ethical conclusions are drawn from this reduction.

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