A Neighborhood Condition for Fractional ID-[A, B]-Factor-Critical Graphs

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Let G be a graph of order n, and let a and b be two integers with 1 ≤ a ≤ b. Let h : E(G) → [0, 1] be a function. If a ≤ ∑e∋x h(e) ≤ b holds for any x ∈ V (G), then we call G[Fh] a fractional [a, b]-factor of G with indicator function h, where Fh = {e ∈ E(G) : h(e) > 0}. A graph G is fractional independent-set-deletable [a, b]-factor-critical (in short, fractional ID-[a, b]- factor-critical) if G − I has a fractional [a, b]-factor for every independent set I of G. In this paper, it is proved that if for any two nonadjacent vertices x, y ∈ V (G), then G is fractional ID-[a, b]-factor-critical. Furthermore, it is shown that this result is best possible in some sense.

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