On the Genus of the Co-Annihilating Graph of Commutative Rings

  • 1 Department of Mathematics, 627 012, Tirunelveli, India


Let R be a commutative ring with identity and 𝒰R be the set of all nonzero non-units of R. The co-annihilating graph of R, denoted by π’žπ’œR, is a graph with vertex set 𝒰R and two vertices x and y are adjacent whenever ann(x) ∩ ann(y) = (0). In this paper, we characterize all commutative Artinian non-local rings R for which the π’žπ’œR has genus one and two. Also we characterize all commutative Artinian non-local rings R for which π’žπ’œR has crosscap one. Finally, we characterize all finite commutative non-local rings for which g(Π“2(R)) = g(π’žπ’œR) = 0 or 1.

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