Safety at the Workplace – Selected Issues of Personal Data Safety

Grzegorz Chmielarz 1
  • 1 Czestochowa University of Technology, , Poland


The paper presents the problem domain related to data safety management in the face of the threats that organisations of all types encounter in this scope. The Author’s particular concern are personal data management issues, which are of key importance for contemporary enterprises as they frequently determine wining the market advantage and growth in their competitiveness. Yet, incidents of personal data breaches, aimed at economic organisations have been on the increase in the recent years, leading not only to substantial financial losses, but what is worse, frequently resulting in damage to their reputation. Therefore, a vital issue for all enterprises is to make their employees acquainted with threats to data security and their potential harmful effects on the operations and financial results of organisations. The paper presents an analysis of breaches to personal data in organisations in a global dimension as well as analyses of their negative effects to their image and trust of their customers.

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