The Security of Information Channels in Banking Services


This study focuses on the aspects related to the information technology security, and in particular, the quality of information security. It is inter alia because of international technology security that banks incur expenses to adapt their IT systems to guidelines of the supervisory authorities and to the expectations of international financial markets and stakeholders.

The constantly growing demands of stakeholders increasingly force the provision of services to be on the highest standard and delivered by means of new technologies. Therefore, banks adjusting their products and services to the requirements of stakeholders have to implement modern methods to secure information channels, thus guaranteeing information security to the stakeholders of a bank.

The aim of this paper is to present crucial security aspects in electronic banking, which indirectly affect the quality and security of the offered banking service and whether clients are aware of the most commonly occurring threat - an attack on a computer (phising). The source of data for this research was a group of 90 active users of information technologies, the analysis of certificates and securities used at the time of contact between the customer and the bank through an internet platform and a report of on the state of banking in Poland for the fourth quarter of 2016.

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